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Jaye R Beutel |Thorold Housemaster

Welcome to Term Three! It feels like only a few short moments ago we met to welcome everyone to the first day of the year, now we are we into the second half of 2017.

This term will prove to one of the busiest yet, with almost all Thorold boys involved in the GPS Rugby and Basketball teams, a massive academic load as Year 12s push hard to finish their secondary education on the best note possible. Mid-term finds a huge weekend planned, with Old Boys’ Weekend being held on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of August, beginning with the always spectacular Bush to Beach Bash on Friday the 18th of August. If you haven’t placed this weekend on your calendar yet, please consider doing it soon.

Thorold House welcomes three new families to our House, Chaffey Family (Matthew, Year 9, Oliver, Year 7), Noonan Family (Greg, Year 10), and Worsley Family (Matthew, Year 8). The boys have done a fantastic job getting settled and making themselves at home in the House and around campus over the past week or more. As always, our boys were keen to meet and show the new recruits the ropes – one of the many great qualities of the men whom call Thorold House their home away from home.

We have three exchange students from the USA joining us throughout the term, Ford and Stephen have already arrived and will introduce themselves below, and Jamie arrives in the first week of August. The gents will be with us for a month respectively. It’s been great to also see these young men being welcomed into the house by the Thorold throng. Thanks to Gus Morris and Grady Sinclair for their hard work in being their house buddies and making the transition into the house a smooth and warming one.

Dear Southport families,

Our names are Ford Brewer and Stephen Deane and we are from Nashville, Tennessee. We attend Montgomery Bell Academy, which is an all-boys private school in the heart of Nashville, much like TSS.

I, Ford, play football, basketball and throw shot put and discus in track and field, and I, Stephen, do rowing, run the 400 meter race in track. Our school has exchange partnerships with TSS, along with many other private all-boys schools in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

We are very fortunate to have received this incredible opportunity to study at TSS and experience the interesting culture of the Gold Coast.

Everyone at TSS, staff and students alike, has welcomed us with open arms and made the transition from America to Australia as easy as possible. We have had a fantastic first week boarding in Thorold house, and we are looking forward to meeting new people and exploring the Gold Coast in the upcoming weeks. We return to the United States on August 11th.


Ford Brewer and Stephen Deane


As we get off to a cracking pace within the House, there are some points which are noteworthy I wish to share with you. These have been raised with our young men, however I would encourage conversations at a parental level about these also.

Lost and Borrowed Items

It has long been akin to boarding, and boarders who live within, that borrowing someone else’s belongings is perfectly acceptable, when in fact this is not true. In recent times we have seen a heightened volume of “lost” gear which has most probably been borrowed without the knowledge of the owner. In most cases it is uniform items, which are then not returned. The House has conducted a uniform check last Monday, however we are still searching for two blazers and multiple shirts and long pants. I have asked other Housemasters if any Thorold gear was to turn up please let me know and we will collect, we would do the same in return. At this week’s House Meeting, I made it clear that borrowing was not the best idea and that if you loan, then you need to follow it up immediately. My preference is for no borrowing from other boys, that should a boy require a loan item, he should go to Matron and she can fit him out with our supplies.


Junk Food from OTR

In recent times we have seen a considerable increase with the amount of sugar loaded foods which return from “Over the Road” (OTR) leave. The Master on Duty, will speak with boys about their buying habits should they return from OTR with an excessive amount of items of this nature, however it is part of a wider education challenge. As boarding staff we will continue to highlight the inherent health issues concerned with this type of food, along with the monetary issues of buying such food. OTR has a strict leave policy for Years 8 to 10, and as part of this the boys have limited access to buying these items personally. At this week’s House Meeting we also discussed that it was inappropriate for any boys to bring back commercial quantities of junk food back to the House with the intent to sell it internally. Any and all parental support with regards to these habits would be much appreciated.


A reminder that this coming weekend is TSS v TGS up in Toowoomba, the TSS Boarding Staff hope to catch-up with many of you there at the GPS Round. If you haven’t already received your invitation to the TSS Parent Function, please email me for details.


Weekend Blog – Mr McQueen


It was good to see a lot of boys in action on the rugby field and on the basketball courts today. Battling it out against BSHS as part of round 1 of the GPS competition, TSS did quite well across the board with a large number of victories across the year levels. James Mahony, one of our sports captains was one of the boys who I had a chat with about his performance. He quoted that he was “so happy” with the victory over State High, considering the heartbreak that the First X experienced in the final round of the basketball last year. It’s great to see our boys off to a good start in both the Firsts basketball and rugby this season. Let’s hope they can have good seasons and that this continues to filter through the grades.

Also, on Saturday, a number of boys from the House put their hand up as part of the boarding community’s drive to raise money for “Homeless Connect”. The fundraiser involved a car window wash and was very successful. Thorold were the first House off the blocks for this fundraiser and the other Senior Houses will have their work cut out for them if they are to do as well as we did in the first home match! Some standout fundraisers on the day included: Torin Smith, Oli Martin, Harry Martin, Zac Donato, Euan Edwards, Gus Connolly and Fletcher Cameron.



You could definitely tell that it was rugby season when doing the rounds this morning, with a lot of tired boys opting for a bit of a sleep-in. Later in the morning, a large number of 8s and 9s went off to Australia Fair to watch a movie. Some others waited behind to attend the boarding activity with myself and Mr Mallett from Rogers house. We took around 75 boys off to Australia Fair to watch the new Spiderman movie. Thorold was the best-represented house at this activity, with boys from almost all year levels involved.

Upon return, there were a few boys out on the courts having a game of basketball and others trying to teach our exchange boys from the US how to dropkick and pass a rugby ball. They have been a great addition to the house over the past week and are enjoying their time so far in Australia.


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