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Term 1, Week 7

Dear Parents and Men of Thorold House

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Isaac Jordan-Som and his parents, Mr and Mrs Jordan-Som, who have recently joined the House of Thorold. Isaac is from Papua New Guinea and arrived on Sunday afternoon. Giddy Wereh has volunteered to be Isaac’s mentor and we are looking forward to making Isaac and his family feel welcome.

Adolescence can be both an exciting and challenging period for our boys as they search for freedom in their transition from boy to man. Many boys search for answers during this time as they try to make sense of themselves, others and the world around them. Our boys may have times where they feel unbreakable and are able to negotiate this period of their life with ease. They may also experience feelings of being overwhelmed, confused or even angry. The gambit of feelings that our young men feel is real and when we throw 73 adolescent boys together we can be assured that there will always be plenty of work to do. So who is responsible for the raising of a boy? Some may say this responsibility belongs to their parents but our boys live in a boarding context so we are forced to negotiate a different space.

Some may think it’s the Housemaster and Resident Staff who are required to shape our men. We also have coaches, teachers, mentors and other family members who are able to assist. I recently read an article from Jared Diamond titled, ‘Tribes know better how to raise well-adjusted children’. The general premise of the article is that children raised by a community tend to be ‘curious … self-confident… emotionally secure… creative and imaginative’. It is this diversity within a community that adds the edge that our boys deserve. So to return to my question, who is responsible for the raising of a boy? The entire Thorold community is tasked with raising our men. I see this when parents shake the hands of their sons’ friends or take them out on leave. I see this when our Duty Staff are sharing a laugh or unlocking life’s mysteries with our boys. I see this when grandparents pick up their sons, sporting coaches offer words of advice and I especially see it when your sons are supported by their mates. It takes a community to raise well-adjusted and self-aware men. And it is these supports that make a difference when life gets gritty. When life becomes a blur and boys search for the most correct path, it will be the way that their community has shaped them that may well decide the quality of their journey.

Warm regards,

Keith Fennell

‘What I like about you’

Year 12

Andrew Balch: He knows how to get stuff done in the right way and is passionate about the House (TJ).

George Blake: Good mate to talk to and always there for a laugh and to have fun (Mac Lawton).

Travis Blundell: Travis always asks how we are going and takes the time to get to know the boys (Liam Hollis).

Chal Jago: Chal is always up for a chat or a game of pool. He is also genuine, supportive and caring (Nicholas Cuffe).

Campbell Kennedy: Good bloke for a laugh and improves the mood of those around him (Jordie Hawkins).

Oliver Martin: Oliver is a good bloke who is fun to be around (Hudson Stanger).

Matias McDonald-Bascur: Matias is understanding and easy to talk to. He also helps me through things (Archie Cameron).

Moby McMullen: Moby is good for a cheeky joke. He is always looking for someone who is up for a chat and he is good with junior students (Giddy Wereh and Campbell Kennedy).

Ryan Mudaliar: Ryan is always good for a chat and shows integrity (Oliver Martin).

Lucais Smith: Very good at being there and listening when I need someone to talk to (Ryan Mudaliar).

Sheldon Smith: Sheldon is always happy, good to have a chat to and happy to lend a hand whenever you need him (Lachlan Wright).

William Voller: Always shows good leadership and volunteers (Isaac Barnes).

Giddy Wereh: Giddy is always nice and volunteers to help people. Uses appropriate language and is a good leader (Hudson Faulkner).

Cam Wilson: Cam is a genuine, good bloke that cares about everyone (Euan Edwards).

Year 11

Matthew Chaffey: Chaffey is always here to help and a good dorm captain. JUST A LEGEND! (Tyler Seccombe).

Maxwell Cook: Max always makes time for me when I need someone to talk to (Lachlan Graham).

Kai Dittmar: Good fella and dedicated to rowing (Sam Morris).

Zachary Donato: Zac is a funny bloke who is very athletic and smart (Hudson Faulkner).

Hudson Faulkner: Hudson likes to get outdoors, is good at music and good for a laugh (Zac Donato).

Guy Gibson: Guy is really committed to the house and always has a positive outlook (Cam Wilson).

Hugh Gilmore: Hugh is a good Dorm Captain and is always good to talk to (Toby Maher).

Lachlan Graham: Lachlan is a great guy and he helps me out with physics. He also is a support at school and is always there (Maxwell Cook).

Lachlan Hale: Lachie is passionate and gets everyone involved. He always says hello and never has anything bad to say about anyone (Rabura Rabura).

Jordie Hawkins: Jordie is helpful and makes the common room more fun – great personality (Giddy Wereh).

Lachlin Iland: Lachlin has stepped up as a leader in his dorm and has done a great job. He has also really come out of his shell since being a dorm captain (Giddy Wereh).

Isaac Jordan-Som: Isaac is easy to talk to and seems to be very respectful (Rabura Rabura).

Mac Lawton: Mac is always respectful and funny (Hunter McDonald).

Hugh McDonald: Hugh is very funny and makes me laugh at the right times (Nick Wheeler).

Sam Morris: Sam always comes around and checks on how I’m going. Always up for a good chat (Hayden Carrigan).

Samuel Strid: Sam is easy to talk to and is always genuine (Nick Wheeler).

Lachie Wright: Lachie sets a good example, doesn’t give up and is dedicated to rowing (Matthew Chaffey).

Year 10

Harrison Balch: Harrison has a great sense of humour and loves to get around the boys (George Blake).

Archie Cameron: Archie is trustworthy, loyal and down-right hilarious. He can also make really great conversations (Hunter McDonald).

Charlie Chandler: Charlie is a funny guy who is always positive and looks after others before himself (Sheldon Smith).

Euan Edwards: Euan is always ready to help and keeps looking out for other people and I really like that (Matias McDonald-Bascur).

Dougal Jones: Dougal is respectful to everyone and is always supportive. He is also good fun to be around (Tyler Seccombe).

Hunter McDonald: The way he has overcome tough situations in his first few weeks has been admirable. He is also honest and caring (William Voller).

Lloyd McVeigh: Lloyd is really approachable and a good guy to get along with. And he always has a smile on his face (Euan Edwards).

William O’Brien: Will is a good guy who is always up for house activities. He is also honest and up for banter (Zac Donato).

Rabura Rabura: Rabura made my transition a lot easier by showing me around the school (Julius Srhoj).

Xavier Smith-Power: Xavier is funny, a good person to talk to and down to earth (Julius Srhoj).

Julius Srhoj: Julius puts effort into others and learnt everyone’s name really quick (Sam Strid).

Thomas Vanderstok: Thomas is nice and has a good sense of humour. He is also nice to new kids like Nick (TJ Ambrose-Pearce).

Nick Wheeler: Nick is a great mate and is always in a positive mood (Matthew Eddy).

Year 9

TJ Ambrose-Pearce: TJ is easy to get along with and a good bloke (Guy Gibson).

Matthew Bexton: Matthew always says hi, is friendly and easy to talk to. Good guy! (Lloyd McVeigh)

Declan Briggs: Declan has been a good mate for a while and is able to make things fun (Jack Sargood).

Hayden Carrigan: Always gives everything a go and is committed to the house (Andrew Balch).

Archie Chandler: Archie always says hello and will help me out if I’m feeling down. He’s there for me (Sam Sweetland).

Matthew Eddy: Matt is a legend because he helped me to settle into the house (Isaac Barnes).

Will Gee: Will is a genuine and well respect person because he is not rude and always says hello (Chal Jago).

Brodie Graham: Always up for a laugh and does the small things in the dorm like picking up rubbish (Xavier Smith-Power).

Liam Hollis: Liam is always around for a chat and understands me because we are family (Ben Hollis).

Jordan Holsheimer: Jordan is open to conversation and is a positive guy for a chat. He also asks me how I’m going (Matthew Eddy).

Merrick Iland: Merrick is a good friend who doesn’t let me down. He also shares things with others (Will McDonald).

Charlie McDonald: Charlie always says hello and asks me how I’m feeling. He surprises me by how nice he is (Lucais Smith).

Will McDonald: Will has a talent for design and can whip stuff up on my computer really quick (Declan Briggs).

Jack Sargood: Jack is a good kid to be around, is always keen to for a chat and yet is passionate about the House (Hugh McDonald).

Hudson Stanger: Hudson is a nice guy who keeps to himself and treats others with respect (Harrison Balch).

Hamish Wright: Hamish is really good and bringing the boys together and motivating others to do their best (Matthew Bexton).

Year 8

Isaac Barnes: Good bloke who is always up for a friendly chat with the boys (Brodie Graham).

Nicholas Cuffe: Nicholas is friendly and always positive. He also keeps his dorm clean and this helps the dorm out (Liam Hollis).

Nicholas Graham: Nicholas is always happy and having fun in the dorm which is good to see. Supports his mates and improves the culture (Hugh Gilmore).

Ben Hollis: Ben is always nice to me and is very helpful (Harry Moloney).

Toby Maher: Toby is a really good friend and a nice person. He is good to be around because he is funny and a good bloke (Charlie McDonald).

George Milson: George is outgoing and always wanting to help others out (Euan Edwards).

Harry Moloney: Always happy, active and does the right thing (Hamish Wright).

Jack Raff: Jack always tries hard at everything and is a good bloke who is nice to everyone (Nicholas Graham).

Luca Scionti: Luca is a good kid who is funny and nice (Moby McMullen).

Tyler Seccombe: Tyler is always up for a chat and will always come along to play a game of touch (Lachlan Webster).

Sebastian Smith-Power: Seb is respectful and good for a laugh (Dougal Jones).

Samuel Sweetland: Sam is a good kid who is happy and easy to talk to (Campbell Kennedy).

Lachlan Webster: He is a true blue Aussie lad and fun to be around (Luca Scionti).

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