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Term 4, Week 7

Mr Keith Fennell – Housemaster

Dear Men and Parents of Thorold House

Last week we celebrated our Valedictorians and I’ll kind of miss the 1000 sticky notes covering the walls of my office, 600 cups of water lining the floor, 16 rolls of toilet paper around my car and a kidnapped dog. Yep, they even stole my dog, dressed him in Chapel Dress and were amused when I got angry at my son Reyne about it, because I thought he had left our gate open!

It was a great week and I’d like to propose a toast to Mr Hellier and myself for negotiating their antics with a prank of our own. We poked the bear and Hugh’s face tells me that it was definitely worth it.

2020 Leadership

It’s now time to look forward as our 2020 House Officials take charge. This week we will hear from Lyndon Carrigan, Tyler Seccombe, Charlie McDonald and Rabura Rabura who will discuss what attributes they admire in leaders. Our House Officials will also introduce themselves and express their roles, responsibilities and leadership philosophy. On Sunday night we also gave our junior boys a voice and allowed them to address our Year 12 Cohort and present what was important to them. It is no surprise that the number one quality they want from our leaders is to continue to build a culture of respecting others.

Year 8 Student – Lyndon Carrigan

Being in Rogers this year I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know the older boys in Thorold all that well. Thorold House from all accounts seems to have many caring boys which is what I have learnt from the House BBQ. For me to answer the question what I look for in a leader, firstly someone who comes across as they really care about each person, no matter their strengths or weaknesses. Someone who is there to encourage you and have a go even if you aren’t the best at something, whether that be sport or schoolwork. Just an all-round honest, caring person.  Someone who will do right by the position and don’t just have the ego that comes with a position of authority.  Have a joke when a joke is needed, but be firm when rules have been broken that could bring someone’s self-esteem down.  I will respect leaders and their authority and hope that they respect me in return. I look forward to being a part of Thorold House next year.

Year 9 Student – Tyler Seccombe

Next year I would like my Year 12 leaders to be confident in their decisions with what and how they lead the House. I would like our Sports Captains to think about who is the best for the race or sporting team so we have the best chance to be as good as we can be.

Year 10 Student – Charlie McDonald

A quality I would like to see from the seniors of 2020 would be building relationships with the younger boys to further strengthen the brotherhood in the house. Brotherhood is a key trait to any house; it would be great to see this happening throughout 2020. Another quality I would like to see from the 2020 seniors would be doing what is best for the House and not for themselves to make our house a friendly environment and build up the confidence of our junior boys.

Year 11 Student – Rabura Rabura

Passion is key to bring everyone together, especially in a boarding school. Passion defines the brotherhood of a House and as for the Year 12s of 2020, I would like the seniors to show that they have passion for the House and the boys of Thorold. As a Year 11 student, I have so much respect for these boys as a cohort and I know they have respect for us as well. I would also love them to show their respects to the younger boys as I think that would show the younger boys what it truly means to be part of this great House. And finally, I want to see the Year 12s of Thorold House 2020 step-up as the new seniors of the House and set examples for us Year 11s on how to be leaders and show the House what they are capable of. Good luck as the new leaders of this House boys!

House Captain – Sam Morris

As Thorold House Captain for 2020 I personally want to ensure that I am approachable for all the boys in the House and that the younger boys can trust me to have their backs and that I am someone that they know they can come to and have a conversation with at any time. In regards to the whole House next year, as we discussed at the House meeting on Sunday, respect is a major pillar in the boarding House and I hope that next year as a whole House we can build a culture of respecting one another and the House that we live in and remain grateful for the phenomenal opportunity we have been given. I hope that this results in a community built on brotherhood where all boys enjoy being in Thorold every day and continue to grow into good men.​

Vice-Captain – Lachie Wright

Thorold community, my name is Lachie Wright and I will be the Thorold House Vice-Captain for 2020. My role is to lead the house for 2020 and make the Thorold community feel comfortable and Thorold an enjoyable home to live in. I have been in Thorold since Year 7 and have been getting more and more excited to lead Thorold House in my final year.

Sports Captain – Lachlan Hale

My name is Lachlan Hale and I, alongside Hugh McDonald, will hold the position of Sports Captain of Thorold House for 2020. My role involves the organisation and preparation of the boys during House Cluster events for the House Shield (pretty big shoes to fill) and being an overall sporting influence on the House. I believe that being a leader means having the courage and bravery to go first, but also the patience and self-discipline to leave last. Respect is gained as a leader for the decisions you make and actions you perform. My goal is to lead, serving the boys in as many ways as I can and with Thorold banded together as brothers, be a driving force in winning the 2020 House Shield!

Sports Captain – Hugh McDonald

My name is Hugh McDonald and I am the co-Sports Captain with Lachie Hale for 2020. My role in the House is to help Thorold attain back-to-back House Shields in addition to helping juniors when they need it. My leadership style is one that is built on mutual respect and an understanding of how boys relate and act in certain situations. I am keen to get involved in the House next year and help all boys accomplish their goals and hopefully win a House Shield.

Sacristan & Cultural Captain – Mack Lawton

I believe that culture and the influence it has on the boys is the corner piece of the House system at TSS. I will do everything in my power to ensure that the House runs smoothly in House events as well as day-to-day in boarding. A House’s culture sets the standard for House Clusters, internal events and overall presentation of the House. I am honoured to be Cultural Captain of Thorold House for 2020, and I am looking forward to helping our boys progress as young men and have fun in the process.

On behalf of Thorold House we would like to wish all of our Thoroldians and their families a safe Christmas holiday period and we look forward to doing it all again in 2020.

Warm regards,


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