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Jaye R Beutel – Thorold Housemaster

End of Term

Term 2 has been an extraordinarily busy event for all boys, staff and parents. The three week break commencing this weekend will be a well earned rest and recovery period for most. As report cards and diligence achievements return home during this period, it is also a good opportunity to reflect on the efforts made by all during the semester. From there, goals are measured and placed upon the coming term and indeed semester.

The Thorold Boys have done a commendable job so far this year. As the new Thorold Housemaster, I am always taken back by the boys unrelenting pursuit of personal commitment to doing their best, and representing their house with pride and honor. It has made the transition for me and the other new staff a very enjoyable experience, made even more so with the great leadership of our seniors and office bearers. Particular thanks to Harry Smith (House Captain/Head Boarder) and Jack Giles (House Vice-Captain)  who have been nothing sort of impressive in their roles – certainly great servant leadership examples for our younger boys to look up too.


GPS Participation

Our last home game was held on Saturday June 3, it proved to be a great moment to catch our Thorold Boys in action. There were 41 boys out of a house population of 71 who participated in GPS this term, many of which played in the Football divisions.

Thorold House boasts a great tradition in its ability to have all boys engaged and participating in sporting and cultural events. While it is an unspoken expectation, the boys should be involved in at least one co-curricular activity a semester, the house never falls short of this mark – often boys are involved in much more. Living by the mantra, “You get out, what you put in”.

Well done lads.



Boarding Formal Dinner

Always a highly anticipated evening, the Boarding Formal Dinner was held on Monday evening. The dinner always promises to be a good change of pace for the young men of TSS, a lovely two course meal to enjoyed over an hour long setting – a luxury not afforded most other days. The highlight of the evening was that of an inspiring speak from Mr Dan Trollope, class of 2000 and current PE Teacher at the School. His address struck a chord with the boys, challenging them to push through to the other side when things seem tough and unmanageable, being positive and never giving up! Mr Trollope’s journey to where he is today is nothing short of amazing, the boys seemed to embrace not just the words, but the living example of success through adversity in their own School, a former boarder who could relate to their way of life.


Term Three – What’s in Store?

At the end of this term, Tuesday 13th June, we held a “Q & A Session” to explain and elaborate on possible amendments and additions we as a house will implement over the next term and into 2018. As most would already know, this term has seen the drafting of the Thorold House Core Values and Mentor Program, which is in it’s first draft now. This will provide the foundations for what “Leading Yourself to Leading Others” looks like in Thorold House, moving through a boys journey from year eight to twelve. It has also re-evaluated the values which we feel each boy/man in Thorold should aspire to each and everyday – a true representation of what it is to be a Thoroldian.  Of course there will be changes to what we have done in the past, which in turn will be a challenge in part for us all, however any change or addition to the running of the house is done in pursuit of a betterment for the house and for the boys. I am sure that from the Q & A that boys will see the promise of any or all additions to the house and what benefits this will mean for not only them as an individual, but more importantly the House as a whole – which is what being part of a boarding house is all about.

As we approach the mid-way point of the year, there are subtle shifts and changes which occur in the house in preparations for the following years leadership team to form. During Term 3 we will call for 2018 Leadership nominations, at the same time our Yr 12 cohort will begin to mentor our Yr 11s into various roles, particularly on that of Dorm Captains. This paves the way to Term 4 when all Yr 12 boys move into the upstairs rooms, and Yr 11 boys take on the Dorm Captain posts. An exciting time of change and traditions.

I hope all families have a great break, enjoy the time with their son/s back at home or wherever you may be. To those boys who are leaving us, we wish you all the best in your new endeavors, remember that you have a special place here in Thorold House, you’re always welcome back to visit.

Stay safe, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on July 1o for Term 3.



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