winners of the Tribot CupTribot Cup at St Hilda’s

Mr Russell Ayres – LEGO Robotics Teacher

A number of year 5 boys were recently given the opportunity to participate in the first ever Tribot Cup.

The initiative, the first of its kind for TSS, is a robotics competition, which was held at St Hilda’s School on Friday 20 October.

Ashton Bellchambers, Tadgh Stuckey, Benedykt Dominikowski, Freddie Goss, Phoenix McNab, Dominic Stansbie, Callum O’Connor, Taj Massey, Jed Gallie, Matthew Fletcher, John Ell, and Griffin Poole were selected for the event.

With the help of 12 St Hilda’s year 5 students, our boys worked their way through 3 challenging robotics scenarios.

Scenario 1 involved the use of Sphero robots and everyday supplies to carry 2 passengers through a course, arriving safely at an ‘end zone’. The catch? Nothing could be directly attached to the Sphero.

Scenario 2 asked the students to navigate a ‘crash scene’ using a Dash robot. The scene was littered with obstacles, none of which the Dash could touch en route to the scene.

Scenario 3 initially had students flying drones through obstacles to a designated endpoint. As can be the case with technology, however, a brief fault with the drones meant replacing the drones with MiP robots to complete the challenge.

Everyone showed incredible resilience and creativity throughout the day, working well with each other to complete the difficult tasks.

Congratulations to Benedykt and Dominic, who along with their St Hilda’s teammates Ruby and Choley, won on the day.

Click here to check out a video of some of the day’s action.

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