TSS Mud Challenge

Mr James Sproule – Academic Staff

We invite the TSS community to join us at the Mud Challenge 2019 on Sunday 10th November.

Steps to register your son, yourself, your other children, other family members or friends:

Step 1: Log onto – www.mycause.com.au/events/rawchallenge

Step 2: Click the ‘Register’ tab at the top of the page

Step 3: Complete the participants’ details inclusive of: participant email, name, phone number & DOB.

Step 4: Check the tick box to advise that you have read & agree to the Terms and Conditions & dick next

Step 5: Registration type – SELECT TEAM (not individual).
Note: This is important as each class is vying to register as many participants under their classroom teachers name as possible (see Step 7 for further details on this).

Step 6: Select 2nd option – Do you want to JOIN a team?

Step 7: Scro[[ down until you find your son’s Class Team
(e.g. TSS_ Year 1Z_Zauner, or TSS_ Year RS_Chapman, or TSS_ Year 5G_Gippe[) & dick next Note: we are running an incentive whereby the TSS Prep Class the registers the greatest number of participants (i.e. students, siblings, parents, other family members &friends)
earns for their entire class an incredible class party toward the end of term.

Step 8: Select the activity option for whichever participant you are entering (e.g. Under 10 years, the 4km courses are recommended, 1 0+ the 9km courses are an option)
Note: All children under 10 years MUST run with an adult (at a ratio of a maximum of 4 children under 10 years to 1 adult).

Step 9: Complete details on shirt size & house (e.g. Musgrave, Dixon, Mitre or Shepherd).
Note: the House that registers the most participants, will be awarded the Mud Challenge Cup.

Step 10: Progress through to the payment window, where you will register each participant at a heavily reduced price of $30 for the 4km courses OR $40 for the 9km courses
Note: This $30/$40 covers the course participation costs (therefore Non Tax Deductab[e).
You will notice an option to make a donation to our chosen charity, Outback Futures (this is Tax Deductab[e) & contributes toward the milestone rewards (e.g. $50 hat, $100 T-Shirt, $250 Hoodie)

Step 11: Check the tick box to advise that you agree to the Terms and Conditions & dick pay and activate.

Step 12: Follow the prompts to finalise the process.

The links below offer further information:

How to Donate to a Team OR Sponsor an individual within a Team

Outback Futures INFO

Registration Steps for Families_Mud Challenge 2019.docx

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