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Navigating the world of parenting is tough! Sometimes even tougher when we are dealing with our boys.

Boys are wired differently to girls. They think differently and about different things than girls.

They mature more slowly, particularly when it comes to language development, social skills and their fine motor skills.

They are organisationally-challenged as well. They are more boisterous, more self-conscious and more awkward than girls…particularly as they move into adolescence.

Loyalty is a high driver for most boys. Many will get in to fights at school to back up their mates, or because someone said something nasty about their little sister.

The abiding wish of all boys from school-age through to adolescence is to fit in and be part of a group. They are group-oriented by nature.

Approval is at the heart of working successfully with boys. They will walk over broken glass or hot coals if they sense you like them…which is an important message for teachers too.

There’s a negative perception about raising boys, which is linked to their boisterousness and behaviour as well as a lack of understanding about what boys need. Like many experts I am  on a mission for some to help parents understand more about the needs of their sons.

At Prep, we are increasingly expanding our Parent Library to provide the latest research on raising resilient, healthy and happy boys. We have a number of books that help parents navigate the world of parenting boys. Please feel free to drop into the library to borrow any books from our collection. We have books that address boys and their education, resilience, behaviours and well-being.

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