TSS Swimming Winter Racing

Liam du Feu | Director of Swimming

Super Saturday Team TSS training and racing

Saturday, July 22 was a big day for TSS Aquatic with the Blacktips and Great White Sharks leading the charge in the training pool and the Hammerheads; Crocodile Sharks and Tiger Sharks racing at All Saints.

The previous Saturday the Hammerheads were treated to a dive clinic with Swimming Queensland Bio-Mechanist, we are really lucky to have our Junior group work with someone the calibre of Nick – who normally works with the Australian Dolphins Team.

It was Awesome opportunity to learn and improve their starts. Hammerheads were very impressive listening and practising hard.

It proved a busy Saturday for the group starting the session with four coaches (DT, Liam, Ben, Hiro) all leading different sections of the dryland and then finishing with a skills expert!

DT’s Tip for the week

Is to be an individual. Set your own standard at training and demand more from your coach. You can ask questions and be your own swimmer. Why not lead the lane in your next session? You don’t need to follow the person in front, you are the most important person in the pool.

“You have to be odd to be number one” – Dr Seuss.

Stand out from the crowd – do something different be you


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