Update on Noro Virus and Family Zone

Andrew Hawkins – Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Update on Noro Virus

Thank you again to the community for your patience as we work through our ‘second wave’ of Norovirus that has affected a number of our boys. Despite extra cleaning and excellent support from the boys in terms of hygiene, the airborne nature of the virus is making it extremely hard to contain. Parents have enquired about the quarantine times and recovery periods so I have quoted a message from the Health Centre to assist parents whose son is affected by gastro.

We wanted to provide you with the most up to date information from the Gold coast public health unit with regards to isolation of your sons with gastro.

They must not return to school for a full 48 hours after the last vomit or episode of diarrhoea. This is an isolation period to ensure they are free of the virus.

They, along with the school doctors, have also advised that the boys stay away from sports for a 24 period once they have had the 48 hours clearance of the virus.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.

Family Zone

I have mentioned on numerous occasions in the newsletter that we have engaged with a company called Family Zone. We will be the first school to offer a full school licence for all families, with no cost to you. The licence agreement is now formalised and we are currently adding the software to our school database and parents will soon be able to download the App and work with the school to apply similar exclusion times to the school Wi-Fi system. This means that during school hours and scheduled homework times Family Zone will restrict the use of 3G/4G to minimise the distractions of social media and gaming. The phone can still make calls and send text messages however all streaming capabilities will be locked during that time.

Family Zone has no capabilities of filtering and analysing content on your son’s phone as this has privacy implications for us as a school. There are some very good new companies available the individual families can engage with should you be concerned with the content or access of data for your child/children. Research suggests that ‘lock and block and sanction’ all sites at all times is not proven to work – monitoring and intervention at home has a better result. Below is some current data from eSafe UK regarding content use of adolescents.

Incident analysis UK vs Australia


  • Mental Health 41%
  • Threats of Violence 23%
  • Drugs 15%


  • Mental Health 38%
  • Pornography 20%
  • Drugs 11%


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