What is Winning?

Mr Bryan Hain – TSS Director of Sport and Activities

As we approach the end of term one and I look back over the past eight weeks I think I have seen over 500 races in a range of water sports.  In this weekend’s Head of the River, we will have 33 crews racing across four different age groups. Last week I saw some excellent individual races in the GPS swimming championships, Year 8 crews race on Saturday and 60 sailors race on Sunday. Some of these races were individual, some in teams, relays and crews. Rowing, Swimming and Sailing are all different water sports and we have some of the best athletes in the State, but we also have a large number of younger boys who are just starting out. I love that mix of boys having their first taste of GPS competition and those realising in Year 12 it’s their last event.

We have had a good start to the year, but I can’t write that every TSS team or athlete has finished on top of their division or that we have won every race we have entered.  What I can say is that I have seen a lot of progress this term, significant growth and personal development.

A few years back I listened to Frank Dick (An International Athletics Coach from Scotland) speak at a sports conference. He is a very entertaining speaker and passionate sports coach. If you can spare two minutes click on this link below, it’s a good perspective on ‘winning’.


The great part about this video is that the ‘little girl or boy’ Frank describes is here at TSS. I see them everyday, training and playing every weekend. We might put the scores in the weekly newsletter but it’s worth thinking about what winning in school sport is really about.

 “Winning is being better today than you were yesterday…everyday”

Enjoy the weekend!


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