When should you be concerned about a friend, and what should you do?

Ms Stacey Pratt |  School Based Youth Health Nurse

Trying to solve your own problems as a teenager is like standing in a bucket with both feet and trying to lift yourself up by the handle; that’s why you need to look out for your friends.

Students in the Year 10 Leadership program have been learning how to talk with friends they’re worried about and get adult support. Through classroom sessions facilitated by Ms Jessica Prouten, Ms Belinda Pilgrim and myself, students were encouraged to explore the challenges of looking after friends. During the activities, students learnt how to have conversations with friends, how to be a good listener and how to follow up with support from trusted adults or mental health professionals, if needed. As a result, over 80 percent of participants said they would change something they do when they are worried about a class mate or friend.

There are things that all of us can do to look after each other. Knowing what support is available can help us feel confident when supporting a friend, and looking after ourselves.



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