World Poetry Day

Kerrie Aquilina

March 21st 2017 was World Poetry Day, and to celebrate, the TSS Prep School students participated in the inaugural Poetry Recitation Competition. Boys from all year levels were asked to choose, learn and recite a poem to their class. Two representatives from each class were then chosen to compete in a cohort final, with year level winners being selected from these events. All of these winners ably presented their poems at assembly and, in recognition of their achievement, received a certificate and a book from the school.

In addition to this, Years 1 to 6 Prep School students were invited to create a poem for a Poetry Writing Competition. This is the second year this competition has been offered and once again, teachers were very impressed with the high quality, thoughtful poems the boys created. Poetry is a true means of self-expression and the poems written reflected this notion.

We would like to thank and commend all of the boys in the Prep School for their wonderful efforts in poetry recitation, and another big thanks to those who took the time to share their thoughts and present such beautiful, poetic writing.

Congratulations to the following winners in the Poetry Recitation Competition:

  • RB –  Benjamin Gwilliam
  • RG – Arden Shepherd
  • RL – Caelan Fitch
  • RS – Hugo Gooch
  • Yr 1 – Carter Wyatt
  • Yr 2 – Caelan Pace
  • Yr 3 – Sean Hirabe
  • Yr 4 – Jude Purza-Page
  • Yr 5 – Callum O’Connor
  • Yr 6 – Angus Robinson


Prep Poetry Writing Competition

I am pleased to announce the winners from each level for the Poetry Writing Competition. Well done to all of these boys:

  • Year 1 – Carter Wyatt
  • Year 2 – Lachlan Supple
  • Year 3 – Matthew Thompson
  • Year 4 – Nicholas Hill
  • Year 5 – Alonso Espin
  • Year 6 – Jinxiang Li

Please enjoy reading the winning entries selected from each year level.


Earth Day

Carter Wyatt 1A

I see a magnificent waterfall,
I see a fresh, clear sky.
I hear a beautiful cricket sing in the rainforest,
I hear a snake hissing – sssssss!
I see a mirror-like lake,
I see a mountain reaching to the sky, touching a very high cloud.
I love the Earth.


A Mother’s Love      

By Lachlan Supple 2H

Mums give kisses and cuddles,
And get you out of puddles.
They’ll do everything for you,
And even let you have a lolly or two.

Mums help with all you can’t do,
And then they’ll take you to the zoo.
They love beauty sessions and baking-
But they especially love shopping!

They love you in every way,
More if you listen to what they say.
Mums are so much fun,
But if they’re cranky –you’d better start to run



By Matthew Thompson 3A

Books oh books, so many to choose,
When you’re ready to have a snooze.

From Roald Dahl to Charles Dickens,
So many to choose for your slumber pickens.

Harry Potter, Matilda and Moby Dick,
So many adventures to be had with one flick.

From invisible cloaks to talking cars,
Some of these things seem to be from Mars.

So, please, oh please, I beg I pray,
Go throw your TV set away,
And in its place you can install,
A lovely bookcase on the wall.


Mother’s Day

By Nicholas Hill 4A

Mums are loving and caring,
They are also kind of daring.
They help you when you are sick,
And also they are very fit and quick.

She sometimes gets mad,
Only because I’ve been really bad.
I love my mum she is awesome and fun
She only wants the best for me,
So I can reach my goals and destiny.

From my mum’s head to toes,
She smells beautiful like a rose.
Mum, I’m happy you are mine,
You are really so divine.

We celebrate Mother’s Day
To thank them in every way.
In life, I think that I have won,
Thanks mum for everything you’ve done.



By Alonso Espin 5F

I wake up in the morning
And turn on the TV
I don’t have to worry about
A little brother annoying me

No fighting for the remote
As I choose my favourite show
And if I watch it again and again
No-one has to know

When I’m hot and sweaty
There’s no fighting for the shower
Because as anyone will tell you
I like to take an hour

When we get in the car
There’s one extra seat
Somewhere to rest my head
Or maybe ­­put up my feet!

When I get home from school
And get out my computer to play
I can defeat all the zombies and
There’s no one to get in my way

But if I’m honest
I wonder how bad could it be
To have a little brother
That’s just like me!



By Jinxiang Li 6H

Sir, may I ask exactly what is Power?
Is it the ability to absolutely overpower?
Over those who are your enemies, and make them cower?
And take from them greedily, like a bee would from a flower?

If you have power, sir, would you be almighty and strong?
And dominate the world in strength for oh so long?
Some believe a gun is power, sir, is that true?
If I had hard, speeding bullets, would I be powerful too?

What about kindness? Does power include being nice?
If I want power, will I have to always give useful advice?
And help the ones in need of my assistance?
I’ll try, sir, but that must need lots of persistence.

But sir, most say knowledge is power, and that does sound clever….
In that case, will I be powerful if I endeavour?
What do you think, sir? Do you think this is right?
Or do you go along with the one about might?

Sir, for you are the teacher, you must know,
What power is in some shape or form! So,
I’ll ask again, which one is really right?
The power of knowledge, the power of kindness or the power of domination and might?

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