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Army Cadet Camp - An immersive Outdoor Ed experience focusing on teamwork and respect.

03 October 2023

The Southport School Cadet Camp places a strong emphasis on teamwork and respect while immersing participants in an outdoor education experience. This year, the camp brought together more than 350 cadets for a week filled with thrilling adventures that underscored the importance of these core values.

Jason Sten - Director of Cadets and Outdoor Education
Jason Sten - Director of Cadets and Outdoor Education

Throughout the week, the cadets worked collaboratively, rotating through eight different stations that required them to rely on one another's skills and strengths. The highlight of the camp was the culminating Platoon run through the RAW Challenge, where teamwork was paramount.

One standout feature of the camp was the Casualty First Aid station, which not only taught valuable skills but also emphasized the importance of respecting and caring for one another, just as they would in real-life emergency situations. Additionally, the year 9 students, in the spirit of teamwork, learned survival skills and collectively built their shelters to spend the duration of the camp.

During nighttime activities, cadets engaged in Astronomy lessons, which fostered respect for the natural world and taught them how to navigate using the stars, showcasing the harmony between teamwork and respect in the great outdoors.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what the boys got up to during the camp!