Parents and Friends Association

TSS Parents & Friends Association

When a boy starts with TSS, his family joins the caring and respected TSS community. TSS Parents and Friends (TSS P&F) is a dedicated group of volunteers who generously rally our school community for the benefit of our students.

The association plays a significant role in the development of a collaborative and cooperative school community where parents and friends are recognised as invaluable partners.

Spread across fifteen individual support groups, covering all areas of sport and extracurricular activity, each support group is represented by their own Office Bearers and other generous parents. The P&F umbrella organisation provides services to all the support groups and also supports other activities and programs that do not have a dedicated support group, to deliver benefits to all TSS students.

The TSS P&F manages the TSS Store which provides uniform and other retail products to the school community, income from which is distributed to the support groups to invest directly in their sport, as well as supporting small capital projects and the Deputy Headmasters Tutoring Program.

The TSS P&F also underwrites the support of the TSS Indigenous Program that is facilitated through the support group – Banam Bowie. The P&F, through the TSS Store, receives donated second-hand uniforms. 100% of all income derived from the sale of second-hand uniforms goes directly to this program.

Elise Lloyd, TSS Community Relations Officer, supports the P&F in the management and delivery of all the requirements of the P&F and its support groups, the school, the school council and our constitution.

Parents and Friends of The Southport School are welcome to join the P&F monthly meetings which take place every term.

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Michael Kemp – P&F President: [email protected]
Alison Thomas– P&F Treasurer: [email protected]
Sinead O’Dowd – P&F Secretary: [email protected]
For supporter Wear enquiries - Leonie Vincent – P&F Executive Member: [email protected]
Summer Hodge – P&F Executive Member
Rebecca Devereux – P&F Executive Member
Laura Snell – P&F Executive Member
Helen A Naylor – P&F Executive Member

Community Relations Co-ordinator Elise Lloyd: [email protected]