TSS has produced some of the state’s highest achievers across a broad array of fields, from politics to music, business, the arts, fashion, law, medicine, architecture, health sciences, engineering and sport. The diversity of achievements reflects the commitment TSS has always had to providing not simply an education of the highest quality, but one which emphasises the value of a broad, holistic approach to teaching.

The school places great value on instilling the correct approach to learning and the development of good young men, whilst providing a solid platform for them to achieve academic excellence.

While the school proudly celebrates those who achieve excellence in any forum, we place equal weight on a boy’s application to the task and challenges being faced. Students not only receive a mark for their understanding of a particular subject, they also receive a grade reflecting their effort in the classroom which is known as their Diligence score.

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A diligence score is a unique aspect of the TSS approach. It is adjusted throughout a school term and can be monitored by the boys and their teachers to ensure students are getting the most out of each and every day of their school life.

Katrina Martin, Director of Enrolments

Year after year we see that students perform better academically when they are involved in a mixture of cultural and sporting activities, developing strong time management and organisational skills.

Long-time TSS Director of Admissions Katrina Martin says the school prides itself on understanding how best a boy learns.

We are very proud to be a non-selective school which makes for a culturally diverse school environment with students from all walks of life.

The TSS interview and admissions process isn’t based on the marks a student receives, nor is it about their parent’s occupation, it’s ensuring the boy has the application required to achieve their best in at our great school.

If you would like to learn more about Boys’ Education at TSS, please contact our Admissions Office on + 61 1300 877 269

The school has so much to offer if the students are willing to be part of something and understand that ‘something’ is bigger than themselves.
Our values around diligence and working within a team, or house, are the key aspects we instill. A boy’s commitment to those will determine whether they get all they can from their days here at TSS.

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