Here at TSS we celebrate a rich history and heritage dating back to our establishment in 1901. Founded by Reverend Dixon, the Southport School’s foundations are built on Christian values, and many meaningful, timeless traditions passed down through student cohorts.

For well over a century, TSS has strived to make a positive contribution to both the local and broader community by helping shape the characters of young boys who attend our great school.

The TSS archives are filled with tales of selflessness and sacrifice, none more than the 132 former students who lost their lives fighting for our country since 1915. Not only will these men never be forgotten, their spirit lives on here at TSS through the many thousands of boys they have since inspired.

Our values of decency, tolerance, and humanity ring true in every action here at The Southport School and form the cornerstone of our value system. These values are instilled in our students through a humble and holistic approach to education which encompasses both academic and co-curricular activities.

As part of our commitment to building emotionally intelligent young men, we maintain a strong and long-standing relationship with our sister school, St. Hilda's. This historical relationship provides a healthy and respectful connection with female students.

At TSS, we are incredibly proud of our rich history, and our cherished picturesque campus that we are privileged to take advantage of daily, and we continue to uphold the school’s treasured history that underpins our spirit making us the respected, caring community that we are today.