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In 2024, we invite you to the TSS production of…

08 August 2023

Drum roll, please…

The Addams Family!

Today’s Senior School Assembly hummed with anticipation for the announcement of next year’s school musical production, which will be The Addams Family! The students witnessed a teaser video that featured some iconic ‘clicks’ and a cameo worthy of a Logie!

The treasured cultural phenomenon, loved by multiple generations, will make its way to the Annand Theatre in Term 2, 2024. Producer Jessica Prouten said it’s a very exciting time for the school who have a lot to live up to after the success of last year’s performance, Oliver!

"You rang?" Headmaster Andrew Hawkins answers the Addams household door in the promo video.
“The team we recruited for Oliver! worked exceptionally well together, and it was so much fun.
“Our costumer still credits the show as one of the best she’s ever worked on because of the team we built. It’s a privilege also to have an Old Boy involved as our Choreographer in Tim Carroll.
“I’m looking forward to seeing a new group of students managing a very different show,” Jessica Prouten, Head of Department Business & Enterprise, Musical Producer.

The common theme that echoes in the words of the TSS musical team is “community”. TSS musicals give students, staff and community members the amazing opportunity to take part in something special that might be outside of their regular studies and activities.

“With auditions coming up in Term 4, it’s always a delight to see students from across all interests come to auditions for their chance to be involved in a large-scale production,” said Ms Prouten.

Not only will TSS senior and junior boys get the chance to work together on stage, the girls of St Hilda’s are also invited to audition, which promises to provide a colourful bunch of characters bringing the Addam’s Family musical to life.

“When I talk to students after shows, it’s these memories that are core to the things they identify as unforgettable in school experience,” said Ms Prouten.

TSS’ 2024 production of the Addams Family will yet again give students access to industry professionals like TSS Old Boy Tom Carroll who choreographed Oliver! and is a working actor.

“Exposure to true professionals like Tom is invaluable for our students. This truly is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience and learn from so many talented people,” said Ms Prouten.

Auditions for TSS’ production of Addams Family and casting will take place in Term 4, then it will be full steam ahead on creating a musical experience that rivals Oliver!

As well as a busy rehearsal schedule the cast will be involved in an intensive 3-day camp. Alex Fowler, who will be directing the musical, is more than confident in the student’s talent, ability and passion to deliver this family favourite to a packed Annand Theatre next year.

“The performing arts talent we have between TSS and St Hilda’s is exceptional. We could rehearse for the whole year or for ten weeks and still deliver a high-quality show, but importantly the students are sure to have the experience of a lifetime,” – Alex Fowler, Director