Academic Scholarships

Applications close Wednesday 19 August 2020

A number of full and partial scholarships are available for boys entering Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in 2021.

The scholarships are awarded on the basis of a competitive examination conducted by EduTest. Full scholarships are given for exceptional academic students and partial scholarship values vary from approximately 10% to 60% of the annual tuition fees provided the student adheres to the Scholarship conditions. Scholarships are awarded by the Headmaster after selected applicants are interviewed. The value of the scholarship is at the Headmaster’s discretion. The Headmaster may take the family’s ability to pay fees into account and parents in this situation should flag this on their application. In such cases family income information may be required to be conveyed confidentially to the Headmaster. Academic scholarships are open to both current TSS and non-enrolled students, and a testing fee applies. All applications for the Academic scholarship are completed online and you may contact EduTest directly if you experience difficulty in this process by email – [email protected].

Academic Scholarship Application Requirements

The scholarship examination will be held on Friday 28 August 2020 at the Senior School, beginning at 8.30am and finishing at approximately 12 noon. The scholarship application fee is $110. Details will be issued to applicants just prior to the testing date confirming key details including what to bring on the day.

Please note that only the documentation submitted by applicants will be submitted to Headmaster for consideration – the School is not in a position to obtain information on behalf of applicants. It is recommended that applicants refer to the application check-list. Photos of documents will not be accepted.

An online application to EduTest will need to be completed as well as a TSS application form below.

If you are a CURRENT TSS student, please complete this application form.
If you do NOT currently attend TSS, please complete this application form.



Honours Scholarships for Preparatory School Boys – Years 3 – 6

Up to four scholarships will be awarded.  Two of these will be means tested and will offer substantial remission of tuition fees.

TSS has two Honours classes in the Preparatory School: a combined Year 3/4 class and a combined Year 5/6 class.  These Honours classes are for high achieving students who study a specifically developed boys’ education program that is challenging and engaging and further develops the boys’ abilities.

Scholarships are at times available to boys entering the Honours Class Program and to high performing students who will be placed in other classes. All boys who have a strong record of school achievement and/or are identified as Gifted & Talented are encouraged to apply.

These scholarships will be subject to an ability test, and interview if required.

If you are interested in applying for an Honours Program Scholarship, please click here for further information

Applications close Wednesday 8 July.




H.J. King Memorial Scholarships for Music – Years 4 – 11

Applications close Friday 6 March, 2020

Auditions will be help Friday 13 March, 2020

These scholarships are named after Henry John King, who was the second organist and Master of the Choristers of St Alban’s Chapel. He was responsible for the design of the present Chapel organ, and served the school from 1922 to 1932. Henry John King was a noted musician and was much in demand as an adjudicator of eisteddfodau etc. Above all, his lasting contribution to The Southport School was the establishment of a boys’ choir in St Alban’s Chapel. This tradition has continued to the present day. The value of each scholarship is the remission of one third of the annual school tuition fees, as well as tuition fees for a weekly one hour lesson on a nominated instrument. The H J King Scholarship is offered to students entering the school in Year 4 and above. No scholarship fee applies.



Country Boarder Bursary

Applications close Wednesday 19 February 2020

A small number of bursaries are available to support the attendance at TSS of country boys who would otherwise be unable to enrol. Previous family affiliations with the School are taken into account. The Headmaster may take a family’s ability to afford the fees into account and parents in this situation should flag this on their application. In such cases family income information may be required to be conveyed confidentially to the Headmaster. For more information please email Admissions on [email protected]

Bursary values vary from approximately 10% to 60% of the annual tuition fees and offer remission on these fees provided the student adheres to the Bursary conditions.  Boarding fees are not discounted.



Creative Art Scholarship

Applications close Wednesday 19 February 2020

Available to students entering Years 7 to 11 and is open to any secondary senior student (enrolled, registered and non-registered at TSS). It is strongly encouraged for outside students to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving student (or students) on the basis of a portfolio, scholastic achievement and the candidate’s personal statement.

The value of the Creative Art Scholarship varies between 10% to 40% remission of tuition fees for one year only. The recipient will be reviewed during the year in terms of performance and contributions to the Art program. Recipients are invited to apply, along with other interested students for the Creative Art Scholarship for the following year.



Sport Scholarships

Applications close Wednesday 19 February 2020

Sport scholarships are awarded to boys who currently compete at State or National level in one or more of the 14 GPS Sports. Scholarships vary between 10% and 50% remission of the annual tuition fees for a specified period of time.

Applications are accepted from boarders and day boys who will be entering Years 9, 10 or 11. (NB: In exceptional circumstances scholarships may be awarded to boys entering Year 7 or 8). Scholarships are awarded to a boy that we feel has the potential to progress to the next level, possess a growth mind-set and is desperate to learn and develop. Scholarships in the past have been awarded to boys with a positive attitude, leadership skills and commendable application.

The School only offers a small number of scholarships each year. The selection process is very competitive and not all applicants who meet the basic criteria are awarded scholarships. On the whole boys on Sport Scholarships are performing at State or National selection level.

Scholarships are subject to annual monitoring and review at key stages. The Headmaster has the right to withdraw a scholarship at any time if behaviour, academic diligence, commitment and progress are not being maintained. The value of any award must remain strictly confidential between parents and the School. If a student is fortunate to receive a Sport Scholarship, the fixtures within the designated GPS sport season must be given the highest priority over any other club commitments.

Parents in genuine financial need can also apply for a means-tested bursary to augment the Sport Scholarship. The Headmaster will consider bursary applications from parents of boys who have been awarded a scholarship but might not be able to consider The Southport School for financial reasons. In such cases family income information will be required to be conveyed confidentially to the Headmaster. Parents in this situation should flag this in their application.

Applicants must support their Scholarship Application with two referees’ reports outlining their suitability for a Sport Scholarship at The Southport School. One referee report must be from a school coach or teacher, and the other from a recognised club or Regional, State, National or International coach in the applicant’s chosen sport.



OSA Bursaries

Applications close Wednesday 19 February 2020

Each year the OSA offers up to:

  • One Nimmo Bursary
  • One Tritton Bursary
  • Seven General Bursaries

The Dr J R Nimmo Bursary

This Bursary is a two year Bursary for students beginning Years 11 & 12 in 2021. The Bursary is only available to students who intend to pursue a career with a Medical or Science degree. The continuation of the Bursary, into the second year, is subject to performance.

The Tritton Bursary

This Bursary is available to boys entering years 9 or 10 in 2021, and the applicant need not to have had a direct family descendant who was or is an Old Boy of the School. The Bursary is for a maximum of two years. The continuation of the Bursary, into the second year, is subject to performance.

General Bursaries

For consideration for a General Bursary, an existing student or a new applicant needs to have a family member who is either attending The Southport School or is an Old Boy of the School. A family member shall include direct line descendant and/or brothers.


The criteria for selection for bursaries, except for the Nimmo Bursary, is based on ‘financial need’. A ‘financial assessment’ will be required, so please provide as much relevant and supportive income and asset information as possible. All applications are strictly confidential, and will be reviewed only by the members of the OSA Bursary Committee.

Please be advised that OSA Bursaries are limited to two successful applications per qualifying student. The OSA Bursary is valid for one year thereafter; you must reapply for consideration for a second year.

Successful applicants for either Academic, Music, Creative Art, Sport, Foundation Scholarships, General and Country Boarder Bursaries are generally not eligible to receive an OSA Bursary although every application will be considered on its merits.

All Applications must be sent to: />


Successful applicants will be notified by mail.



Foundation Scholarship – Year 6 Scholarship

Applications close Wednesday 19 February 2020

The Foundation Scholarship is offered by The Southport School Foundation and is open only to boys who will study Year 6 in 2021, who are currently not attending TSS and who would be unable to attend TSS without scholarship support. This scholarship offers a remission of fees for Year 6 until the normal time of graduation in Year 12. The value of the scholarship can vary at Headmaster’s discretion depending on the calibre of the boy’s application. This scholarship is awarded to boys who are well-rounded students and able to contribute to the general life of the school. Applicants are selected for an interview based on the application and supporting documentation. The Headmaster may require family income information to assess financial need.



Indigenous Scholarships – CLOSED

Indigenous Scholarships at The Southport School are offered through the Yalari Program. These scholarships are on offer for boys enrolling from Year 7, 2021.  Yalari applications for regional and remote children will open in the first week of January 2020 (and close 30 April 2020).

Please click here for a guideline for additional expectations outside of an Indigenous Scholarship.

For further information, please visit the Yalari website –











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