Providing our young men with vital life skills they will need to find their path in life. Not military service, the program is about resilience and working together to resolve problems.

Jason Sten, TSS Director of Cadets

TSS is home to one of the largest Army and Navy Cadet Units in Australia. Leadership in Cadets is strongly associated with leadership positions in the broader school environment.

TSS Cadets program is compulsory for Year 8 and 9 students with optional attendance in Years 10 to 12. Many graduates have forged distinguished careers within the Australian Defence Force, while others have employed their acquired skills to assume leading roles in commerce, law, agriculture, public service and medicine.

There are many aspects of life at TSS which help create an authentic and life shaping experience for the students who attend. One of The Southport School’s most treasured and indelible ties is the one it shares with Australia’s servicemen.

That they have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today, many leaving our shores never to return is certainly not lost on our school community and you will find various points of recognition throughout the school’s grounds.

The First 52 – represents the 52 young TSS students who volunteered to fight in World War I are now remembered in the names across our scholarship list.

Students are reminded that they don’t merely live on an island, in almost every aspect of life they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Director of Cadets Mr Jason Sten

TSS Cadets and outdoor education program embraces this philosophy, under the guidance of one of the country’s finest ex-servicemen in Mr Jason Sten CSM.

Jason Sten CSM is a decorated serviceman with the Australian Army, serving for more than 30 years, reaching the position of the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Second Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment and deployed on operational service to Rwanda, East Timor twice, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and was awarded the National Emergency Medal for service in response to North Queensland Floods 2019.

Over three decades in the Army I saw a huge positive change in how military units are trained and function. TSS' commitment to inclusivity falls in line with my personal beliefs about fairness and treating all those around you with respect and care.
Cadet Program Activities
  • Fieldcraft and Adventure Training: Cadets in the TSS (The Southport School) Cadets program embark on exciting adventures that combine military skills with thrilling outdoor activities. They learn essential military techniques like navigation, camouflage, and concealment while exploring the great outdoors. From abseiling down cliffs to conquering rock climbing walls, canoeing through challenging waters, hiking across rugged terrains, and camping under the stars, these adventures not only promote physical fitness but also foster resilience and teamwork.
  • Leadership Development: TSS Cadets understand the significance of leadership and actively develop their skills in this area. As they progress through different ranks, they take on leadership roles within their units, honing their abilities to lead and inspire others. Through specialized training, they learn valuable principles of leadership, effective communication, and decision-making, equipping them with essential qualities for success in both military and civilian life.
  • Community Service: TSS Cadets believe in giving back to their community and actively engage in meaningful service activities. They participate in significant events such as ANZAC Day ceremonies, local parades, and fundraising initiatives. Moreover, they contribute their time and effort to assist with community projects, supporting the well-being and growth of their local area. These experiences help develop a strong sense of social responsibility and foster good citizenship among the cadets.
  • Drill and Ceremonial: TSS Cadets gain expertise in precision and discipline through drill movements, parade formations, and ceremonial procedures. They have the opportunity to participate in highly regarded events such as ANZAC Day marches and Remembrance Day services. By demonstrating impeccable drill skills, they pay tribute to the military traditions and show their respect for those who have served their country.
  • Cadet Band: TSS Cadets with a musical inclination can join the cadet band, where they learn to play various instruments and showcase their talents at various events. They contribute to the vibrant cadet community by adding a melodic touch to ceremonies, parades, and other significant occasions.
    Field Exercises: TSS Cadets are not confined to classrooms or training grounds; they actively participate in field exercises that simulate real military operations. These exercises encompass not only setting up field camps and practicing military tactics but also incorporate exciting adventure activities. Cadets engage in thrilling challenges that test their physical and mental capabilities while applying the skills they have acquired during their training. Whether it's navigating treacherous terrain, conquering obstacles, or working together to achieve mission objectives, these field exercises provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience for TSS Cadets.

The Southport School thanks all those men and women who continue to serve Australia with great distinction around the world. Our country owes you a debt of gratitude it can never fully repay. Godspeed be with you. We hope you all return safely.


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Army Cadet Camp