Sporting and co-curricular activities are essential for the holistic growth and development of boys. Boys looking for a high-performance environment or just an activity to participate in, can explore their interests and skills here at TSS.

TSS has a successful history across individual and team sporting endeavours with many students going on to represent at state, national and international level. The Southport School was home to many now professional athletes who are regular visitors to our campus, sharing their knowledge and skills with current students.

The school provides world-class facilities, coupled with an environment which nurtures and enables students to excel in their chosen field whilst also creating the best version of themselves.

As a member of the Greater Public Schools Association of Queensland (GPS), students compete in a wide range of sports and activities from Year 5 to Year 12. Outside of the GPS competition, the school runs many additional programs and clubs catering for all boys’ interests.

Director of Sport and Activities, Mr Bryan Hain, has been instrumental in the evolution of our Sports and Activities program since 1998. Bryan has overseen the expansion of sporting programs from its once ‘fairly narrow’ focus, into an array of co-curricular options for our students to choose from and participate in.

The more recent introduction and rapid expansion of basketball, football (soccer), gymnastics, tennis, football, golf, sailing, chess and debating, hold equal importance amongst the school’s sports and activities community. Sport has been a critical part of school life at TSS for almost as long as the school has existed, and this certainly remains the case today.

My primary objective has been to develop a sporting program which is diverse enough to ensure every student attending TSS can find something they can participate in and enjoy being part of.

Bryan Hain

For those looking to progress in their chosen sporting pursuit, TSS provides exceptional facilities, access to elite coaching and an infectious environment which brings out the best in young men. The core philosophies and principles which underpin a student’s academic education at TSS, similarly form the backbone of the school's sports and activities programs.

We have high expectations of anyone representing the school in any field, however it has nothing to do with the final result! We expect TSS boys to compete as hard as they can while maintaining the absolute highest standards of sportsmanship, respect for themselves, their opposition, their teammates, and officials.

At TSS, we continue to uphold the importance of humility as individuals and more broadly as a school community. We believe that our students should not take anything for granted, but rather embrace the incredible privilege they have to participate in top level school sporting programs.










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