Student Wellbeing

Industry leading Student Wellbeing Program

Never has there been a more important time than now to assist our young men in the cultivation of emotional and social intelligence, and healthy lifestyle habits. Living in a fast-paced era of information overload can be detrimental to everyone, but particularly the developing brain.

Nurturing balance between self-care for the brain and body is a focal point for our school. Students are taught strategies from an early age to calm their mind, to replenish and sustain their body, and to seek help when they feel out of balance.

Dr Angela Zagoren, Director of Wellbeing

Knowing that boys need access to the right information at the right time, TSS has worked tirelessly over seven years to build its now reputable Student Wellbeing Program that is rolled out across both the junior and senior campuses.

With the intention of seeing every boy flourish, TSS prides itself on offering a holistic education that goes well beyond academic outcomes. With a strong focus on personal, social and emotional development, the school’s Student Wellbeing Program introduces boys to positive health strategies and knowledge at age-appropriate times, helping them to understand the importance of balance and wellbeing in order to achieve their life ambitions.

I am the author of my own life story.

A plethora of student wellbeing programs are built into the TSS everyday offerings alongside the academic calendar, providing P-12 students with educational and experiential activities targeting prevalent mental and physical health issues facing young men.

Led by Dr Angela Zagoren, TSS Director of Wellbeing, the school boasts a team of dedicated psychologists and allied health professionals who passionately facilitate the school’s impactful Student Wellbeing Program.

It is a privilege to work with this generation of young men and to provide meaningful experiences for them to cultivate their own unique habits of wellbeing.”

Dr Angela Zagoren

Angela holds a PhD in Psychology with twenty years’ experience working across educational, academic, health and forensic fields of psychology. Her passion for child, adolescent and family mental health led her to work in schools where she has been a dedicated advocate for preventative mental health programs and student protection. Under her guidance, TSS has become a leader in health and wellbeing promotion.

Ideally, the boys may draw upon this knowledge to live a full life in good health, with skills to weather life’s adversities, and contribute to society as caring husbands, fathers and citizens.”

Dr Angela Zagoren

From humble beginnings, the school’s Student Wellbeing Department is now an integral part of every aspect of daily life for all TSS students. From the structure of daily plans, such as Positive Play and canteen menus through to the integration of extra-curricular activities, TSS goes above and beyond to help students feel seen, understood, cared for, respected, and supported.

As well as being involved in the wellbeing programs, P-12 students have discrete and confidential access to registered psychologists based on-campus, full-time.

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